Our Grooming Routine

Our Grooming Routine

Let’s face it. With two big fluffy light colored dogs in a NYC space, things have the potential to get dirty and smelly really quick. Especially when they find that patch of grass they want to smell just like, and decide to just stop, drop and roll in it until their fluff is tinged green. Does this happen to your dogs? This happens to us at least 3 times a week.

It always seems to happen most often just after a bath too. Ha. I think Lucy and Jordi just don’t like smelling freshly washed.

Here’s what I use to keep them nice and clean despite their attempts to sabotage that.


Baths are the most hated grooming activity. Lucy and Jordi hate running water. When their spidey senses begin tingling and they feel like there’s a bath coming on, they both cautiously hide so we can’t lure them out with treats. Although inevitably, they come out for the treats. Thank goodness for cheese.

In the summer and spring when the weather is nice, I take them out to the backyard and bathe them in a baby pool. This happens once every other week. In the summer they’re just out more, rolling around in dirt getting smellier. Also I find that baths are a good activity to keep them cool in these blistering nyc summers.

IMG_3939 2.jpg

You’ll see Lucy’s little face here looking very sad and wet in the backyard baby pool. I’ve honestly never met dogs who hate water like them.

Other than that, they’re usually bathed in the bathtub about once a month.

After bath is where there’s the potential for the house to get really messy. If they walk around the place sopping wet, they’ll shake their little bodies and spray water all over the furniture and rugs.

Because of that we use quick drying microfiber towels to dry them up. Lucy and Jordi seem to actually enjoy this. It’s like a nice little massage after their “torturous” bath.

Hair, Nails, Teeth and Ears Upkeep

Baths are a once in an occasional big upkeep. The things we do every day are what truly make these dogs and all of their hair manageable. Let’s start with Lucy and Jordi’s favorite, and the daily part of our routine.


We brush the dogs out every day with the furminator. If it’s nice out, and the dogs are in the backyard, we’ll put on grooming gloves and give them a nice rub. This gets a ton of shedding out and allows the apartment to stay nice and relatively dog hair free. Lucy and Jordi love being brushed a lot too. So it’s a good relaxation time for them. It takes upwards of 30 minutes a day to do both dogs. But it’s all worth it.



Teeth is something we’re very on top of. Because remedial dental care for dogs is expensive. It’s an entire surgical procedure with anesthesia and everything! I’d just prefer to do my best to prevent that altogether. Tooth brushing happens every other day. We use a poultry flavored toothpaste so the dogs love to taste it. Altho they don’t really love having a toothbrush in their mouth. Still, they tolerate two minutes or so of toothbrushing.

Once a week they’ll also get greenies. They love greenies, so we do this more as a treat than anything else. But it’s also supposed to help keep their little canine teeth nice and clean.

Ears and Nails

For ears and nails, this is on an as the need arises basis. If we see their nails getting long. or see them itching their ears, we’ll get into it. Neither Lucy or Jordi like these parts too much, but they sit through it. Maybe because they know there’ll be a treat at the end :)

Diet and supplements

Diet is an important and often un-emphasized part of healthy grooming. Dogs need good nutrition to grow good hair, nails and smell nice. We use the best we can find—Orijen.

Jordi is preferable to the tundra flavor, so we use tundra Orijen. We also feed them beef liver bites and hair and nail supplements to help reduce shedding. We truly believe that quality nutrition has given them a good base for healthy coats and nails.

Hope this helps you as you’re getting your fluffy dogs grooming routine perfect. What’s your secret? Let us know :)

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