5 Tips to Control Dog Hair

5 Tips to Control Dog Hair

I know it's still winter, and Spring has yet to come. But I can't bring myself to stop thinking about when the shedding is going to start and what my apartment is going to look like. 

Not a lot of people know this, but I'm actually allergic to cats and dogs LOL. Because of this, I need to be careful not to let my three fur babies shed an uncontrollable amount of hair all over my apartment. If they do, I'll never stop itching, sneezing or tearing up 🙈

Here are some tips to keep in mind when Spring rolls around to help you keep your apartment (relatively) hair free: 

1. Brush Daily

This one is a chore. But it's sooo worth it. Shedding is natural. If your dog grew a warm fluffy coat for winter, they'll be shedding lots of hair so they can be nice and cool in summer. Daily brushing helps you grab those hairs that were about to fall out anyway. If you have a furminator it's even better. The fulminator loosens up some undercoat hair and removes any topcoat hairs that are already on their way out. This means that less hair will be falling out when your dog is walking around your living area. 

2. Vacuum Daily

Now, I said less hair would be falling out in your living area if you brush daily - but I never said no hair will fall out. Especially when your dog is transitioning coats, that hair just gets everywhere. A quick daily vacuum keeps the situation under control so you don't have to worry about picking up blobs of dog and cat hair on cleaning day. 

3. Brush your furniture

My dogs are allowed on any piece of furniture they want to be on. My house is their castle. But I still want to be able to sit on it after and not come off with a new fur coat. A quick daily brush down of your fabric furniture helps with this. Sometimes I also use the hand attachment on the vacuum to help out. If you let the pet hair sit for too long, it can embed itself into the fabrics and be a right old pain to get out. 

4. Do Outdoor Shakedowns

Take advantage of being out of your living space, and give your dog a nice ruffle so their loose hairs will fall out and mother nature can do her thing. It's easy and fun. It won't get rid of all of the hair, but will surely help you out. 

5. Add Olive Oil or Flax Seed to Meals

So I've been using this, but I couldn't tell you if it's effective or not. I do it anyway. Rumor has it that if you add a tablespoon or so of an omega-3 rich oil like olive oil, or flax seed oil to your dog's food it will keep their skin and coat healthy and stop unnecessary hairs from falling out. 

Do you have any good tips that I didn't mention here? Let me know how these work for you! 

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