8 Ways Your Dog Says "I Love You"

8 Ways Your Dog Says "I Love You"

If you're like me, your dogs are the love of your life. We know we love them, but how do we know they're not just manipulating us for meals? 

Here are 8 things your dogs do that prove that they actually love you: 

1. Staring into your eyes

If you're playing or cuddling in a relaxed state with your dog and they stare into your eyes, dog expert Brian Hare says that they're kind of hugging you with their eyes. During this gaze oxytocin, "the love hormone," is actually released. Oxytocin is released in moments of social bonding--including when a new mother bonds with her child. So the level of bonding between you and your dog at this time is much like a mother and her child. 

2. They lean in

When your dog leans into your legs, they're trying to get closer to you. Sometimes this happens when they're anxious or scared, but it still shows that they trust you to protect them when they're unsure. 

3. They yawn when you yawn

Contagious yawning is a sign of empathy in humans, but your dogs do it too! They are in tune with your feelings, and they feel that Monday morning alarm with you. 

4. They're calm when you leave

This doesn't mean that they don't care. It just means that they trust you to return <3 

5. They're excited when you come back

I don't know anything the makes me feel more special than coming home from a day of work, and having my dogs knock me over with excitement. This feels like true love. 

6. They hog the mattress

Your dog isn't taking your spot on the bed because they want the best spot. They're trying to get as close to you as possible. 

7. They lick your face off

I've had days where I show up to brunch with patchy makeup because my dogs have licked away spots of makeup. Your dog may lick you to be submissive, or simply to show that they love you by grooming you. Dogs groom each other as a sign of intimacy when they bond, and this transfers to bonding with humans too. 

8. They raise their left eyebrows at you

I always thought my dogs wiggled their eyebrows, but I wasn't sure until now. A Japanese study showed that dogs raise their left eyebrows in response to positive social stimuli (their owners). The next time your dog raises their left eyebrow at you, it just means they can't help but love you.



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