Fresh Year, Fresh Home

Fresh Year, Fresh Home

Every time end of year rolls around I go into a crazy cleaning and organizing mode. I try to get my life and my home in order so I feel like I'm starting the new year with a clean slate in all senses of the phrase. 

A home with two large dogs means a lot can get really messy really quickly. To organize the dogs life in a NYC apartment, it's so important to have good storage so everything has a place. 

Here's how I like to organize my life with dogs. 

For food storage: 

I use a wheel-y container that I stow away in a closet to put kibble for the dogs. I've tried just leaving the food in the bag before, but every single time the cat claws a hole in the bag. 

This is super helpful because it's air tight, so the food won't get stale, and it's easy to wheel in and out of the closet. 

If you have space, or need to store your food somewhere where it'll still look cute, you can use a container like this one: 

Toy Storage: 

Currently I use these fabric boxes that are versatile and have proven to be very durable. They are also easily folded flat for storage when not in use.

I think these wire storage baskets would look amazing in the open if you have space in your living area to stow toys away and want something that looks a little fancier. This particular one is a little pricey, but if you type in "wire storage basket" in amazon, you'll find similar ones for a better price. 

Leash storage: 

This is something that is so easy to put away, but also so very easy to leave out. Somehow after walks dog leashes end up strewn over the couch, or on my desk, or dropped by the front door. These entryway organizers are super cute, and allow and easy solution for leashes a designated spot right when you walk in. 

You can also store spare doggy bags here (we all have left the house without them), as well as your keys or anything else  you might need easy access to when leaving your home. 

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