Keeping Your Dog Entertained in a Rest Period

Keeping Your Dog Entertained in a Rest Period

The energy is cute and fun most times. But when your puppy needs to rest to recover from surgery, this can be dangerous. Extra stress on the leg could undo what was done in surgery. We needed to find a way to keep her busy so she's not bored or putting herself at risk for a relapse with her knee. 

Here were some of our favorite products to keep her busy: 

Chew Treats:

We need to be careful with these. Because Lucy is already a large dog, we need to be super cautious about weight gain during recovery. So we reduced her food intake to account for her inactivity, and also used weight management dog treats to keep the calories low. 

Weight Management Greenies *affiliate link

Squeaky Toys: 

Annoying to the human ears, and delightful to the puppy soul. Lucy loves chewing on things that squeak. Her favorites are soft squeaky toys that have a lot of nice fluff in them.

Outward Hound Plush Snake

this toy snake is very soft, but won't leave your living room filled with stuffing once your puppy rips it open (affiliate link)

Dog Safe Latex Screaming Chicken Toy

This squeaky chicken mixes up the texture bringing some dog safe latex in the mix. Both Lucy and Jordi will eat this up (affiliate link)

Squeaker Matz Squeaking Dog Toys

These toys are a good set of plush squeakers. The have multiple squeakers on them as well in case your pup ever gets bored of their favorite chew spot :) (affiliate links)

Puzzles & Movies

Of course you can't just get away with satisfying their need to chew. Pups need a little mental stimulation too. 

One of our favorite things to watch together is the documentary "A Dog's Life". It explains how dogs perceive and relate to the world around them, and I swear Lucy understands every word. 

Other than that, she loves working on anything that we can stash food it. She will spend hours trying to get out one single piece of kibble from one of these toys. 

I would usually give her a part of her regular meal, and use the remaining portion to put in the toys so that there's no need to worry about excess calories and weight gain. 

Pickle Pockets

these are perfect for putting some kibble or smaller treats in. It takes hours for my pups to get them out of the tiny pockets

Kong Wobblers

 Kongs are great for meals. Sometimes I put half a portion of the meal in here so the dogs can work for their food. If they're getting a treat, they might get a frozen kong with a spoonful of peanut butter inside--yum 

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