After Surgery: Week 1 Update

After Surgery: Week 1 Update

It's been over a week since Lucy had her patella luxation surgery, and things are looking good so far *knock on wood*

Day 1: 

She had her surgery last Saturday and stayed in the hospital overnight for pain management. We picked her up as soon as they'd allow us on Sunday morning. She was clearly in pain, but being the fighter she was, tried to hide it. Her left leg (the one operated on) was shaved, and she had a cut and stitches over her kneecap from the operation. She was already trying to put weight on the knee, which was so strong of her, but bad for healing. So we picked her up and carried her out of the hospital. 

The doctors prescribed tramadol for pain management, deramaxx as an anti-inflammatory, and recommended strict rest for Lucy for the next 6 weeks while she recovers. We had a follow up appointment for two weeks out to remove her sutures. 

We drove her home and kept her in a small room away from Jordi, since we don't have a crate big enough for her to be comfortable in. She seemed very upset and spent the day alternating between napping and crying. She didn't go to the bathroom at all. 

Day 2: 

We woke up to find that Lucy had peed on the floor during the night. It seems that because her kneecap was operated on, she found it painful getting into position to pee. 

We took her out periodically on bathroom breaks, but it yielded nothing. At first, we just took her out in her harness, but eventually switched to a sling to help her out. She did not like the sling at all. So we switched back to just the harness. 

She was eating and drinking water normally. After the accident last night, we laid out pee pads in her space so that she could go there comfortably in case of emergencies. She finally peed outdoors that evening, and she seemed to be getting her energy back. 

Day 3-5: 

Lucy overall seemed to be improving exponentially. She went from just crying all the time, to picking up her favorite toys and snuggling with them. She's going to the bathroom outdoors now, and is just generally in better spirits. She's still sensitive about her leg. She hides it anytime she thinks someone is coming near. But the wound is healing nicely, and she seems to be doing well. 

Day 6-7: 

Lucy's putting a little weight on her hind left leg again. Her toes touch the floor slightly when she walks. 

We've decided to allow her and Jordi to be together in supervised situations again, and she's really excited to have him. 

Jordi seems a little weary, and keeps sniffing her wound. I think he knows something is up. They've both kept it pretty low energy when they're together and just sit side by side chewing their toys. 

I'm glad they're back together again so Lucy can have someone to help entertain her while she's recovering. 

Everything seems promising so far, so fingers crossed that we see exponential recovery like this for the remaining 5 weeks. 

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